Smaksatta Absolut blir mer enhetliga

Hela Absolut Vodkas smaksatta sortiment har fått ny konstym med hjälp av Brand Union. Absolut säger själva att det är den största förändring de gjort hittills i sitt sortiment. Jag gillar verkligen hur man lyckas behålla Absoluts unika utseende och känsla men ändå tillföra nåt helt nytt och mer lekfullt med starka färger. Framförallt har man lyckats göra det smaksatta sortimentet mer enhetligt. Idén med handritade illustrationer tycker jag är fin, men kanske inte så nyskapande, det är ju nåt man ser överallt nu för tiden och är nästan lite uttjatat redan. En del av illustrationerna tycker jag är riktigt fina medan vissa inte känns lika genomarbetade.

Så här säger Absolut själva i sin press release: “Bringing an artistic approach to the redesign of its flavour range makes sense for a company with deep roots in the art world. Since 1985, when the Absolut Vodka bottle appeared in the first art ad, Absolut has been making art part of its consumers’ experience. “Absolut has long challenged conventions through creativity,” says Kamjou. “This across-the-board redesign is another example of the brand’s originality and boldness.”

“After interpreting each flavour’s core essence, the designers worked to bring these notions alive artistically. They followed a long tradition of Swedish design and craftsmanship, and brought a ‘by-hand’ aesthetic to the project. That is to say, they stepped away from their computers, took up paper, pens and brushes, and set out to communicate not a flavour per se, but the energy behind each flavour. With Absolut Apeach, for example, soft pastels and a light hand-drawn gesture were used to capture the fruit’s evanescent, sweet fragility and convey a sense of romance. The design for Absolut Pears began with the fruit’s symbolic asso- ciation with longevity and purity, and arrived at an abstract pear shape resembling the symbol for eternity. For Absolut Raspberri, the emotion of love and passion is intensified through the abstract expressionist technique of throwing paint. The same artistic process was repeated across the range.”

“Already back in 1979 Absolut challenged the norm of what vodka should look like with an innovative – and today iconic – bottle design. Today we transform the design of flavoured vodka,” says Jonas Tåhlin, VP Global Marketing at The Absolut Company.”Our new bottles are modern, artistic and unlike anything else on the market. Put any one of them on the table, and it instantly becomes something to talk about.”

Bilder: the Dieline